Spiritual Herbalism Consultation

Spiritual Herbalism Consultation

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Are you planning to formulate your own spiritual tea or tincture? Get advice from a trained herbalist! With this consultation, you'll learn:

  • Whether your intention matches the spiritual properties of the herbs you're using
  • Whether the herbs you intend to use are safe for human consumption
  • Possible contraindications 
  • The best way to consume the herbs based on your intention


To receive your consultation, please email nefertarispalace@gmail.com with your herbal formulation and intention. If you do not have an herbal formulation in mind already, email nefertarispalace@gmail.com with your intention, and indicate that you need help coming up with a formulation. 



Disclaimer: This consultation is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure mundane disease. Herbs are recommended based on formal training from an herbal school that is recognized by the American Herbalist’s Guild. Nefertari’s Palace LLC is not responsible for any actions taken by the client that may jeopardize their health, including:

  • The decision to stop taking prescribed medication
  • Refusing to disclose any allergies 
  • Failing to disclose regular herbal supplements/regimens to doctors
  • Failing to disclose any prescribed medication to any other healthcare professional prior to treatment