Announcing the Tithe Project

I am excited to announce The Tithe Project! In the past, I have donated a portion of my profits to specific causes, but this project will allow me to integrate giving back into Nefertari's Palace LLC permanently. 

How it works

A new Tithe blog will be created for community events and calls to action. This blog will include a list of organizations that have been vetted. You have the option to add a comment as you make a purchase or book a service, requesting to donate an organization listed on the website. Please note that your donation may not be immediately sent to the organization. Some organizations have minimum donation amounts due to transaction fees that are applied to each donation. For this reason, in the event that your purchase is not big enough to immediately meet the organization's minimum donation requirement, your donation will be combined with others. It will be sent off when enough money has been added to that organization's "tithe pot".